How to get RBL Bank CIF Number

How to get RBL Bank CIF Number

Today We Know How to get RBL Bank CIF Number.Customers in India can open savings accounts and Credit Cards at RBL Bank.In order to  sign up for Internet Banking or log in to the RBL Mobile Banking app, you will need to know your Credit Card or Savings Account CIF Number from RBL Bank. Here we will examine the process of acquiring a CIF number from RBL Bank in great detail.

The RBL Bank CIF Number is associated with RBL Bank, one of the most prominent private banks in India. RBL Bank provides its customers with a variety of banking services, including savings accounts, credit card services, and more. This financial institution also offers electronic banking options like online and mobile banking. You’ll need to know your RBL Bank account’s CIF number in order to use any of their online banking features. The bank assigns each customer a unique CIF number that serves as a means of identifying them. A CIF number is a type of Customer Identification Number (CIN).

The CIF number is used so that bank employees can quickly identify you if you have multiple accounts at the same branch. If you have more than one type of account at a given bank (for example, a savings account, checking account, fixed deposit account, PPF account, retirement savings account, or other), your CIF Number will serve as a unifying identifier for all of them. Customers of RBL Bank who wish to use any of the bank’s available electronic banking options must provide either their CIF number or Customer ID. How to acquire an RBL Bank CIF number is the subject of this thread.

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Things required to get RBL bank CIF number

  • If you have an RBL bank account, you should have the associated mobile number.
  • To access your RBL bank account, you will need the Passbook that was issued to you by the bank upon account opening.
  • You will need to bring the first page of your RBL Bank checkbook.
  • The Welcome letter you received when opening your account at RBL Bank is included in the Welcome Kit, which you should keep.

How to get RBL Bank CIF Number

How to get RBL bank CIF number

To obtain a CIF number from RBL Bank, you can do so in one of four ways at present.

  • By sending a text message from a phone that has been set up for this purpose.
  • From the Passbook
  • The Checkbook,
  • A copy of the Welcome Guide can be found in the Welcome Kit.

How to get CIF number of RBL bank by Sending SMS

You may receive your CIF number quickly and simply by sending a text message.

  • Launch the SMS app from the mobile phone you used to register.
  • Just hit the transmit button and enter CIF last 4 digits of account number> 922 3366 333.
  • Payments sent by credit card may be sent to 9223366333 using the CIF format.
  • Typically, you will get a return SMS containing your CIF number in it within a few minutes.

Check the Passbook for the RBL Bank CIF Number

  • Open the very first page of your RBK Bank account passbook.
  • Account information like CIF number, account holder name, account number, branch name, etc. may now be seen online (Customer ID number)

How to get CIF number in RBL from Cheque Book

  • If you have access to a chequebook, please turn to the first page.
  • Your CIF number (Customer ID) is now prominently displayed on the homepage.

Check the Welcome Kit for the RBL Bank CIF Number

After acquiring a credit card or opening an account, cardholders and account holders are sent a “Welcome Kit.” Here in this welcome letter is where you will get the CIF number.

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