How to find your Axis Bank customer ID offline

How to find your Axis Bank customer ID offline

Today We Know How to find your Axis Bank customer ID offline.Many banking services may be accessed through the internet with an Axis bank account. Internet Banking is a widely used online service. You will need your Customer ID from your Axis bank account in order to use this service. In this tutorial, we’ll examine the steps necessary to get the customer id associated with your Axis Bank account.

Axis Bank Customer ID: Axis Bank is well-known as one of India’s private sector banks, and its customers may take use of a variety of convenient online banking services. With regards to online banking, Axis Bank is a front runner. Axis Bank is well-known for its superior customer service, and this extends to the bank’s web interface. The bank’s online banking facility is very straightforward. To use Axis Bank’s online banking services, you must first get a Customer ID.

Each person who opens an account with Axis Bank will be given a unique number that will serve as their Customer ID. The primary function of the customer id is to record the banking services used by the account user. Customers may access their online banking accounts using this Customer ID. The purpose of this article is to assist anyone who have lost their Axis Bank customer information and are thus unable to use the bank’s online banking service. In this article, you will learn about the numerous options available to track down your unique Axis Bank customer ID, which may be used for a wide range of banking-related activities.

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Things required to get axis bank customer ID

  • Your cell phone number must be on file with the bank, so be sure they have your registered number. Aside from that, SMS communication requires a functional mobile device.
  • In order to send an SMS, the recipient’s mobile phone number must have sufficient funds.
  • Checkbook – The first page of a chequebook.
  • As part of the account opening process, you will get a Welcome letter.

Without an Interner, you may receive your Axis Bank customer ID using any of the aforementioned papers.

How to find your Axis Bank customer ID offline

How to get Axis bank customer ID

There are four offline options for determining an individual’s unique customer ID at Axis Bank.

  • With the use of text messages.
  • The entry was taken from the Passbook.
  • The source for this is the Checkbook.
  • As reported in the Well come Letter.

Every strategy will be examined closely.

How to know Customer id of axis bank by sending an SMS

  • For account information, dial CUSTID [space] from your registered mobile phone. To forward, dial 56161600.
  • Your Customer ID has been sent to you by reply SMS.


  • If your bank has given you a passbook, it’s time to pull it out.
  • Your customer ID, account number, IDFC number, etc. will all be listed on the first page of your passbook.

 Cheque Book

  • The bank should provide you with a chequebook.
  • Your Axis bank customer ID is printed on the first page of the check.

 Well come Letter

  • Learn more in your letter of introduction (which is provided while opening a bank account)
    On the Welcome letter you will see the client ID.
  • An Axis Bank client ID may be obtained in a flash using any of the aforementioned four techniques.

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