How to change mobile number in axis bank

How to change mobile number in axis bank

Today We Know How to change mobile number in axis bank.When it comes to banking in India, Axis Bank is a top choice. Because of the rising number of Axis Bank clients and the Digital India initiative, the company has introduced a new service that allows consumers to update their mobile phone numbers in their banking profiles. A new or updated cell phone number may be entered quickly and conveniently using Online Services. We’ve outlined the steps necessary to update your Axis Bank mobile banking using an ATM or the internet. In case of emergency, there is also an offline option.

One time, individuals would create a bank account for the sole purpose of depositing their paychecks and savings. Today, people’s banking habits have undergone a dramatic transformation along with the times. Although the fundamental function of a bank account has evolved through time, it is still primarily a place to store one’s wealth for the purpose of preventing its loss. However, there are currently conditions tied to this offer. Nowadays, there are a plethora of tertiary motives to have a bank account in addition to the main one. Here I will explain how to modify your Axis Bank cellphone number.The Axis Bank mobile phone number switching process You may withdraw money from any ATM belonging to Axis Bank by visiting one of such machines. Put your card into the ATM and enter your PIN. From the ATM menu, choose “Mobile Number Update.” Pick the “Update” menu item. To update your mobile phone number, input the new number twice and then click the “Confirm” button.

In the realm of banking, Axis Bank is a household name. UTI Bank was an earlier name for this financial institution. Many Axis Bank locations’ IFSC Codes begin with “UTI,” as you may have noticed. In the following sections, I will go into further detail regarding the financial institution. The mobile phone number will be changed at this time. Specifically, I’m referring about updating the mobile number associated with your Axis Bank account. Changing your cellphone number associated with your Axis Bank account may be done in a variety of different ways.

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How to change Mobile Number in Axis Bank

To update your mobile phone number at Axis Bank, please comply with the below instructions.

  • Please visit to access Axis Bank’s Internet Banking homepage and enter your login details.
  • To access your online banking account, please enter your login credentials.
  • Next, choose the option to “Edit profile.”
  • Here, choose the “Contact Number” tab.
  • Simply replace the old mobile number with the new one and hit the “Update” button.
  • Change your mobile phone number here to receive the OTP at that number.
  • Key in the OTP that you were sent here.

With Axis Bank, updating your mobile number is as simple as clicking the Update Mobile Number button.

How to change mobile number in axis bank

How to change Mobile Number in Axis Bank using ATM

You may now use any Axis ATM to change the cellphone number associated with your Axis Bank account.

  • Visit any nearby Axis ATM.
  • To withdraw money from an ATM, insert your card and key in your PIN.
  • You should now choose the ‘Registration’ option from the menu that appears.
  • To modify your mobile phone number, click the corresponding link.
  • Account number XXXXXXXX is already associated with the phone number 9812345678, do you want to update? will be shown in the message.
  • Click the menu item labelled “Update” on the display.
  • Then, using the ATM’s number keypad, input your new Mobile Number and confirm it by pushing the button labelled “Confirm.”
  • When prompted, input your new cellphone number again to confirm, and then click the Update button.

Your new cellphone number will be active with the bank in one business day.

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