Axis bank debit card PIN generation online

Axis bank debit card PIN generation online

Today We Know Axis bank debit card PIN generation online.If you need a PIN, Axis Bank has you covered there, too. There is no need to leave the comfort of your own home to finish this procedure; a password may be generated instantly and easily online. Here we will go through the 2-minute online process of creating a PIN for your Axis Bank debit card. There are a number of ways to do this, and the tutorial lays out each of them in detail.

Before, when Axis Bank sent out debit and credit cards, it also included PIN mailers that hid clients’ PIN s behind scratch panels. The previous system was abandoned by Axis Bank in favor of a new one called Green PIN, which has simplified the procedure of creating a new PIN or altering an existing one. This method also encourages the use of digital banking while lowering related security concerns. Therefore, the PIN generating procedure is crucial.

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Things required for Axis bank debit card PIN generation process

  • Input your debit card number and expiration date here.
  • Cell phone number in file with the financial institution.
  • Use of Online Banking (If you want to generate a password using internet banking).
  • An MPIN is required to activate the mobile app (If you want to generate a password using the mobile app)
  • In order to get OTP SMS, your cell number must be functional.
  • The account holder’s date of birth.

Axis bank debit card PIN generation online

How to get a new PIN for your Axis Bank debit card online

  • Via Electronic Funds Transfer, or Internet Banking.
  • A cash machine.

How to generate Axis Bank debit card PIN online via Internet Banking

  • Launch the mobile app or go to the desktop version of the website to access the internet banking services offered by Axis Bank.
  • Login to your account by entering your username and password into the appropriate fields on the homepage and clicking the Login button.
  • In the new window that opens, select “Account” from the main menu, and then “Debit card” from the sub menu.
  • On the following page, supply a new PIN and the YYMM expiration date of your card. After you have entered the information correctly, click the “Submit” button.
  • The OTP will be sent to the mobile number you just entered. Fill out the field with your mobile number and then click the Confirm button.

Axis bank debit card PIN generation online  cash machine

Going to the local Axis Bank ATM is a mandatory step in this procedure. Please use one of the following three ways to create your card PIN if you are unable to walk outdoors for any reason, including but not limited to the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • Find an ATM belonging to Axis Bank in your neighbourhood.
  • Take along a mobile phone number that is active with the company.
  • Put the card in the ATM and choose your language.
  • Proceed by clicking the Set PIN button.
  • An SMS message with the Activation Pass code will be sent to the phone you provided.
  • Your registered mobile number, birth date, and the password sent to your mobile device will be requested on the next page.
  • If everything checks out, you’ll be asked for the PIN associated with your debit card.

The new PIN you choose will replace the old one on your Debit Card instantly.

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